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  1. Why do you need to know so much about my car to give me an estimate? I just want to know how much a brake job will be.

    It would be wonderful if I could give a standard price for things like brake jobs, it would make it easy for both of us! But all vehicles are different and parts vary in price. So, I need to know the year, make, and model of your vehicle in order to give you an estimate.

    In a situation where the customer provides parts but only needs labor, I still need to know the basics to properly estimate how long the job will take, which saves us all time!

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  1. Can you give me a free estimate?

    This is not a simple question as it depends on a few things. The short answer is: most of the time!  I make every effort to give a free estimate, but it will vary based on what your vehicle needs. For example, asking how much a brake job is can easily be done via email/text/phone.  Asking how much it will be to fix a car that has a check engine light on will require me actually going to see the vehicle.

    As long as I am in the area the estimate will typically be free. For involved cases, there may be a nominal charge. In all cases, you will know BEFORE I come out if there will be a charge. This is why I need as much information about the vehicle and the problem before I come over; it saves time and money!

  2. Why aren't all estimates just free?

    Time and money, two things we all want more of! It costs money to drive to wherever you are located (sometimes a significant amount considering gas prices!) and it could take over an hour or two to diagnose certain problems. That is a few hours of time, plus gas cost (typically it's about 15.00 in gas to get to/from most places in my gas guzzler).

    This is why I group jobs and estimates together baesd on geography and then on the problem; so if I'm working out by you and it's a simple problem, I can do a free estimate. If it's more complex and time consuming, or if I have to drive out of my way significantly, there will be a modest charge. In all cases, this will be arranged and agreed upon, and I charge as little as possible for estimates. Feel free to ask, odds are I can do it for free or close to it :)

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